Established in 1978……“von Siegerhaus”
Continued on new roads in 1998……….as Neu-Rodes.
Welcome to Neu-Rodes, home of Thom, Teresa and a household of Rottweilers!!!
Neu-Rodes is the name we chose for two people who merged a lot of history. Neu-Rodes is a name used for our All breed Professional Handling and obedience training services, and our hobby AKC Rottweiler breeding program.
Our dogs all live in our home here in Washington State and travel with us throughout the Pacific Northwest and all over the United States. They are first and foremost our companions, but willing and able to be the TOP in anything….shows, herding, carting, agility, and all types of obedience.
Our breeding strategy is very simple. We breed the best that we’ve produced to the male that most compliments her needs, taking into consideration the most important thing- SOUNDNESS! Our goal is to better the breed, continue to meet the breed standard, while continuing to produce a sound Rottweiler. Sound in temperament, sound in health, and sound in structure. Each of our dogs are a result of more than 6 generations of OUR OWN careful breeding and planning. We continue to integrate German import males and blend the German bloodlines with our dependable American bloodlines. We breed on a very selective basis averaging a litter or two per year.
Many of our dogs have achieved top awards judged by both beauty and brains.  We have produced and owned many American and Canadian National Top Ten ranked dogs in conformation, obedience, rally, herding, carting, and agility. Our dogs can win German shows and have always rated 'V' when competing. We have bred dogs successful in therapy and in schutzund as well as working service dogs. 
Rottweilers have been bred for centuries to be both a companion and a working dog. It’s natural for them to protect their families, and it’s innate for them to want a job of some kind. We strive to produce a Rottweiler than can continue the tradition, and prove themselves in a variety of working venues.
We expect each puppy we produce to grow up to be a loving family companion and a good ambassador for the Rottweiler breed, no matter what the endeavor.
As professional Handlers, and as owner handlers, we have finished hundreds of Champions in many different breeds and countless AKC Rottweiler Champions.
Since the start of Neu-Rodes, Thom and Teresa have finished 124 AKC Champions, 146 CKC Champions including many German Rottweilers with natural tails.
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